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This web site has now been on the net for over 10 years (which, in Internet time, is like 50 normal years :-). I regularly get contacted by other researchers around the world who are interested in the GAUER family. My original idea was to accept emails from GAUER researchers and create and maintain a list of GAUER researchers and queries for information. Due to the pressures of a normal life this hasn't worked out the way I hoped. So now we move to plan B. :-)

Discussions on the internet have evolved dramatically over the years. In the early days Usenet (also know as "news groups") and Mailing lists (also known as "Listservs") florished. They both worked by allowing anyone with email to discuss any topic by sending an email to a particular email address and then some server would send a copy of your email to everyone subscribed to that email address. Both of these discussion methods are still in existance but I don't recommend them because Usenet has no filtering of who can say what and neither of them have newsgroups or lists specific to the Gauer surname.

The most popular method these days is Forums which have the advantage of being accessed using a web browser and the two Gauer forums I have found are monitored for inappropriate comments (like advertisements or off topic posts). So, instead of sending querys and announcements of your research interests to me I would now like to ask the reader of this page to make your interests and needs known to other GAUER researchers on the internet by adding a new entry to the GAUER discussion on is a commercial company but you can read and post (add new entries) to the Gauer discussion group by just registering for a free account. The other Gauer discussion forum is on but as of 2009 it has had no activity for more than 3 years. To participate in the Ancestry Gauer discussion forum follow this procedure:

  1. Click on this link to open the GAUER family discussion home page
  2. On Ancestry click on the "Start new Thread" button on that page
  3. At this point you will have to register for a free account or login to continue. Ancestry no longer allows you to fill in your name and email address on a new thread. If you click on the user name (mine is morbeus1) you will have to sign up to an Ancestry account to contact me at my registered email. Ancestry will start charging you a monthly fee after 14 days. You can put your email address in your new thread but its not recommended as this is a prime target for spammers. I point to this website where I have my email address protected from spammers. You can try methods like replacing the "@" with "[at]" to hide your email from spammers. In any case I recommend using one of those free email accounts (like to give out on forums like this.
  4. Fill in the subject. Try to make it as descriptive as possible to attract people to read your entry.
  5. Fill in the Message. If you know any of the following information please be sure to include it in your message: Ancestors name, birth date, location of birth, date of death, where died, spouses (including maiden name if known), where married, date of marriage, names and full details (birth/death/marriage/location) of any children, any other identifying information you have and finally what information you are looking for.
  6. Click on the "Post" button and thats it! Your new thread will be added to the GAUER discussion forum.

If you have any questions about the above procedure please send an and I will try my best to assist you. I encourage everyone with a GAUER ancestor to place an entry on this GAUER discussion page and respond to new posts by other Gauers. I hope someone will connect with long lost family there someday. I have.
A final warning; be aware of privacy when you word your entry. Effectively everyone on the internet will be able to view every word of what you write so think very carefully before including personal information such as addresses and/or phone numbers.

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