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  Germans from Russia and Galicia Sites


*Germans from Russia Heritage Society
A large U.S. organization originally focused on Germans from Russia who settled in the Dakotas. GRHS is now the best resource for Germans from Russia information I know of. GRHS once focused on the heritage of Germans from Russia (Folklore, recipes, stories, songs, history, etc) but genealogy has become a huge part of the services they provide to the public and their members. GRHS is actively purchasing newly accessible records from the Russia archives and publishing indexes on their website. A yearly GRHS membership is a great investment if you had family in Russia as much of the data available on the GRHS website is available to members only. My direct family line spent 30 years in this Russia and left only Emilie Gauer behind when they came to Canada in 1890.

*The Odessa German-Russian Genealogical Library
A great resource for Germans from Russia researchers. Researchers from GRHS and AHSGR have been indexing and digitalizing data from archives in Russia into this database for years. This database also includes a wealth of information about Germans in North America. Was known as "Pixel" at one time.

*Galizien Germans Descendants Society
A small U.S. organization loosely connected with FEEFHS. This group collects and makes available information about German settlers who emigrated to the province of Galicia (Galizien in German) in the Austro-Hungarian Empire during the late 1700s. Galicia is now part of the Ukraine. My direct family line spent 70 years in this area and left numberous relatives when they emigrated to Russia in 1864.

*American Historical Society for Germans from Russia
Another major society for Germans from Russia researchers in the United States.

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