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11/1/2009: Completely redesigned and updated the website. Too many changes to enumerate.
8/21/2009: Moved to a new Domain and a new Server! We are now at Made minor changes to many pages due to the move.
3/14/2009: Once again a number of years have passed since my last update. I did minor updates to the names page and the home page. I updated my family history page with significant new information. I continue to collect Gauer family information and will update these pages as time allows.
9/30/2007: After a very long time where other priorities claimed all of my free time I have updated many pages to correct changes to links over the years and new information I have found. I have also added a completely new research tips page. I have given up on the Hit counter from my ISP and implemented a free counter from
8/8/2003: Updated every page: Added forum to QUERY.HTM. Doubled the number of entries in IMMGR.HTM. Updated GAUER.HTM with minor additional info. Updated every page with automatic "Last Modified" timestamp.
6/4/2001: Updated almost every page. Changed "Querys for Gauers" to use the GAUER discussion Forum. Doubled the number of entries in the "GAUER Imigration" page and created references for every entry so original information can be located. Completely rewrote the "GAUER Surname Origins" page with detailed references. Updated "My Gauer Ancestors" with new details and maps. Removed "Gauer Researchers" page.
8/28/2000: Updated almost every page expecially "Querys for Gauers" & "GAUER Emigration"
2/20/2000: Updated "Querys for Gauers", "My Gauer Family" & "Leaving the Homeland"
11/7/99: Updated "Querys for Gauers" and "My Gauer Family"
8/14/99: Changed search pages to be more helpful. Fixed a couple of typos from earlier updates. Added info about Augusta Victoria.
8/4/99: Added "What's a GAUER?" and updated "Leaving the Homeland" with many new names from the U.S. National Archives
4/15/99: Complete update of site with special attention to GAUER researchers and research resources. Added GAUER discussion group and Query pages
12/1/97: Updated Pages with more current info, Added Family Photo
8/7/97: Updated Pages with more current info, removed guestbook and added family tree
4/2/97: Updated Pages with more current info, added guestbook and refreshed Page design
4/1/97: Added 1000 GAUERs worldwide researched at the Mormon Church (LDS)
12/21/96: Created original pages and moved to Uniserve Server

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