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The GAUER family archive is a place to put digital copies of important documents related to the GAUER family to protect against fire, theft, flood and other disasters which might destroy these irreplacable records of our family. This archive is even intended to rescue documents which may become lost through benign neglect or the passage of time and lack of reliable family members willing to preserve documents for future generations. All documents stored in this archive are protected by individual passwords and will only viewable by verified direct descendants as specified by the contributor of the documents and confirmed by the webmaster. Documents in the archive continue to be owned by the contributor but they give permission to permanently store these documents for future family historians. The owner of this website is the sole arbiter of what documents are of genealogical value. There is no charge for storage as costs are covered by the trust.

What documents are stored here?: Birth certificates, Baptismal certificates, Communion certificates, Naturalization certificates, Death certificates, Obituaries, passports, wills, church records, family histories, photos of a historical nature, historical personal documents (letters, etc), GEDCOMs and any other document or file of genealogical value.

What documents are NOT stored here?: Financial records, health records, photos not of lasting genealogical value or any other document not of genealogical value.

What do you do if you want to see or contribute documents?: Send an email to the "Contact" given in the table below for the Archive you are interested in. The Contact will then make arrangements with the Webmaster to provide access to the files in that archive. Only the Contact will be able to upload files to the Archive.


ArchiveAncestorDate CreatedDate Last updatedContactAccess
Franz and
Elizabeth Maria Gauer
Franz Gauer
Born May 2, 1832
in Galicia, Austria
Oct 16, 2009 Oct 16, 2009 Access this archive[Password Required]

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